Poliform Lab is a new concept of production unit. It is a factory which does not produce designer objects, but instead simply ideas. A processing cycle that starts with a single raw material: the world. An observatory of international trends, a window onto the increasingly rapidly evolving directions. Inspiration comes from everywhere, running free to become a communication solution that takes shape in real time: images, trade fair outfits, video clips, events, interpretations of style.


With a total surface area spanning over 13,000 m², Poliform Lab, designed by Carlo Colombo, houses the Poliform institutional showroom and groups together the communication activities of both brands: marketing, photo shooting, visual merchandise, web graphics and exhibition space design. The Poliform Lab facility is completed with a logistics unit and a Contract division, dedicated to major international supplies. 


A communication think tank, resulting from a merger of different professional experiences. Narrating the world of Poliform is a joint effort involving teamwork. Interior designers, stylists, marketing managers, photographers, web designers: different professions that meet and share experiences and contribute with individual viewpoints which join together to form a collective identity.


Amid technology, experimentation and concreteness, every dimension of “feeling” is explored, to transform the corporate image into a genuine shared identity. Thanks to the dialogue between various professional figures, new ideas and new expressive languages are born each day within Poliform Lab.


Poliform Cafè

Ideas are born and shared at the table too: Poliform Café is the exclusive restaurant/cafeteria where the experience of taste adds a new dimension to the philosophy of Poliform Lab. It is the perfect place to end a visit to the showroom, or to take a break during a work day or business meeting. The menu changes every day, always offering fresh food; dishes are prepared using locally-sourced produce to minimise the supply chain, producing recipes that combine slow food culture with the modern pace of the workplace.


Poliform Lab is a genuine window onto the world of Poliform, which provides employees, customers, architects and retailers a clear and unequivocal vision of the company’s very essence. Here, people not only share but they also come into contact with the reality of Poliform: training and refresher courses for the sales network are an everyday occurrence at Poliform Lab. This is because it is important to create, but it is even more important to convey the brand identity to the outside.


At Poliform Lab there is a setting dedicated entirely to conceiving and capturing the corporate image, a photo studio where the philosophy of Poliform comes to life and the products play the starring role on stage.