Born in 1955, he graduated in Architecture in 1978 at Politecnico of Milano and in 1979 he got the certificate of Industrial Designer at Scuola Politecnica of Design of Milan. Here during the Seventies he cooperated with the masters of Italian design and in the 80s he opened his own studio in Conegliano Veneto, where he started to develop an autonomous project language.He ranger over different sectors: architecture, interior design and Industrial design.He gives his personal contribution to the cultural debate about design taking part to many conventions and conferences and exposing his works in design exhibitions. He received special mentions in 1988 and 1989 at “Young & Design” prize, won in 1991. He has been selected in 1991 at Paris exhibition “Design et Mutations ”, at the biennial “Bio XIII, Bio XIV, Bio XV and Bio XVII”of Ljubliana, at Genova “Tecnhotel”, in 1996 to the event “I Progettisti del Triveneto “. In 1987 he took part in Budapest to “Italian Design Exhibition”, in 1990 in Milan to “30 architects” and in 1993 to “Rattan: La Natura è Mobile”. He was many time in “Abitare il Tempo” – Verona cultural exhibitions and to the expositions of “Design Museum” in London. In 1996 he got a honourable mention from the American magazine “ID Annual Design Review”. In 1999 he took part to the itinerant exhibition “Segnali di Cibo” and to television programs. He won the “International Grandesign Award” for jewels and got a mention in its 5th edition. His products have been selected in Adi Design Index and International Design Yearbook. In 2001 a monograph has been published by Biblioteca dell’Immagine with the title: “Thinking About Things” – Mario Mazzer designer.In architecture he developed projects of new realization and he restored residential, commercial and directional buildings, in Italy and abroad. He is a member of Adi, Sie and Beda.