When taking a classic approach to home decorating, attention to detail is vital if you want to give your living space a timeless aesthetic. From living room chairs to carpets, channeling the innate elegance of a home is what Italian-inspired interior design always aims for. Read on to see some of the classic Italian-style decorating ideas you should consider for your living room.

1. Matching wallpapers to your design concept

Classic living room spaces need to have a sense of harmony and stylistic continuity. This can be easily achieved by choosing a wallpaper that perfectly matches the color palette and theme you have selected for your living room. If you are going for some shades of silver and ivory or maybe even hues of walnut and gold, then choosing a wallpaper with arabesques or swirls of gold on a cream background would work well with it.

2. High-quality fabric for chairs and cushions

The fabric choice for your chair and cushion upholstery is as important as choosing the color of the fabric. The material itself will help perpetuate the look and feel of the entire room. Some of the high-quality fabrics that can give off that luxurious and majestic charm include:

– Velvet
– Damascus
– Satin
– Cotton
– Brocade
– Wool and Linen

Also, include a plush and imposing carpet to make everything look more cohesive. Carpets and rugs provide comfort and elegance and ground the grouping of furniture within a space. 3. Always go for the finer details.

Sofas, living room chairs, and cushions are more than just elements of comfort in a living room. They also highlight your entire theme. It is essential to go for the finer details and finishes to make sure your furniture stands out enough to give life to the whole living space. Textiles and fabrics, as well as the little intricate designs you can find on your furniture, are highly recommended. Some of the details you should be looking for are gold or silver embroidery and jeweled buttons, tassels, ribbons, fringes, and cords.

Those little pieces may seem insignificant by themselves, but when matched with the rest of your design elements, they complete the look of your Italian-inspired living room.

4. Lighting fixtures add warmth and detail to your room

What room would be complete without proper lighting elements in place? Just choosing any lighting features will not suffice, it also needs to complement and dictate the level of warmth of your room. Prioritize lamps and chandeliers with ornate decorations that have been personalized with precious decorative accessories. These accessories can range from crystals and pearls to silk tassels.

5. Add the finishing touches with a few classic accessories

As mentioned above, the finer details matter a lot to your living room. This time, you can add more of those finer details in the form of accessories like silverware, vases, porcelain, and ceramics. Decorative crystal pieces are also an excellent choice that perfectly complements the classic style. You can arrange the accessories where you see fit as long as they can be seen easily and catch the attention of anyone that walks into the room, even for a split second.


Evoking the classic Italian style of interior design adds an unparalleled visual appeal to any living space. By following these tips, you can effectively create a space that genuinely looks and feels elegant in every way.

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779 West Pender Street Vancouver BC Canada

info@poliformvancouver.com  |  604 656 6466


We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Interac, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay

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