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Poliform Vancouver > 3 Interior Design Elements That Embody Contemporary Style

3 Interior Design Elements That Embody Contemporary Style

3 Interior Design Elements That Embody Contemporary Style

Many modern spaces often have minimalist, dull interior designs that can be translated as lackluster. You can avoid this by incorporating contemporary style elements that are an innovative blend of functional and timeless elements that add sophistication to your interior.  

This article will discuss three important elements to consider when you are designing your living space with high-end, stunning contemporary furniture.

1. Strategic use of different neutral shades

Contemporary interior design’s main goal is to highlight the space rather than just focusing on the objects. It means incorporating neutral shades that accentuate the space by adding pieces with one or two color schemes to offset the wall and flooring shades.  

As a reference, you can use our catalogs, like Day Complements and Night  Complements, to have a better understanding of the contemporary aesthetic and associated lifestyle.

2. Geometric, sleek furniture

Your choice of appropriate furniture can make or break your estate’s finished look,  especially if you are choosing a contemporary style. You should find the perfect balance of simplicity yet eccentric-looking fixtures. For instance, your living room chairs should be upholstered with texturally appealing fibers, like linen and velvets.  

For your reference, you can refer to this sofa set called the Bristol. Clean lines yet extremely comfortable to use, elegant in terms of style, and meticulous attention to detail. The Bristol sofa comes in modular and fixed versions to maximize the functionality of your space.  

3. Smart incorporation of lines

You can say that most of the contemporary designs you see in brilliant interiors have an excellent grasp of clear, visible lines. You can see them as architectural details,  which use different shapes, curves, and crisp visual enhancements to elevate the space’s contemporary style.  

Embody true contemporary style today!

Poliform Vancouver can provide you with high-end, contemporary furniture to enhance your living space. We also take pride in upholding the Italian-design, luxury trend, allowing you to easily source high-end pieces conveniently while being assured of its excellent craftsmanship. Visit our Vancouver Showroom in person or from our collection online. 

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