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Poliform Vancouver > 3 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing High – End Furniture Pieces

3 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing High – End Furniture Pieces

3 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing High – End Furniture Pieces

A modern home requires more than just a well-designed layout. The overall look will be determined by your choice of furnishings, which includes art pieces, home decor, and of course the furniture. You will want your home not only to exude luxury but also style, especially since all the best homes of today are fitted to suit both aesthetics and functionality.

The best furniture pieces can make or break your modern home’s look, so experimenting with various designs, arrangements, and styles is always ideal.

Finding the right furniture pieces is a process and requires time and expertise. Here is how you can match your innovative home ideas with luxury furniture pieces—guaranteed to result in a home that looks like the images found on the cover of magazines.

Tip #1: Invest in the power of contrast

While coming up with key pieces is highly important, knowing how to properly use the power of contrast will make your home achieve jaw-dropping results. This can be achieved by using various colors and textures, such as pairing concrete tables to contrast your wooden floors.

You will want furniture pieces that instantly attract attention, perfectly combining classic styles with contemporary styles. A versatile look will set your home apart, especially if you embrace a luxurious design principle—the foundations of impact and interest. With the right high-end pieces, you will surely have a home that creates a statement, and not just a few key elements.

Tip #2: Choose the right home theme

Before fully embracing pieces, you need to first decide on the overall theme of the room. This will serve as your ultimate blueprint for the entire layout plan, ensuring that all pieces to be purchased fall according to your tastes and needs. It is essentially your main driving force, so make sure that everything is finalized before investing. Here are some of the best themes to consider:

  • Minimalistic home, with clean lines and monochromatic looks
  • Country home, utilizing rustic designs and expertly crafted wooden pieces
  • Classic and modern, with art decor pieces serving as both decor and furnishings

Everything you need to purchase should fall in accordance with your interior decor theme. For this reason, you will want to do an inventory check of all the existing furnishings, just to make sure that all your new ones can mesh perfectly with each other, creating a seamless finish.

Tip #3: Strike a balance between aesthetics and function

Aesthetics and functionality are recurring in this quick guide, and for good reason—your luxury home should not only resemble a gorgeously laid out museum but feel like a sanctuary. In other words, a well-designed piece of furniture can only go so far. You will want to ensure that it functions accordingly.

A leather sofa pairs perfectly with metallic pieces, for instance, but if it continuously squeaks every time a guest tries to sit, you are better off with a velvet couch. A modern luxury home pays homage to everything curated and expertly made, but the best ones are always comfortable.

Choosing Pieces That Reflect Your Unique Style

It is one thing to purchase luxury furniture, but quite another to choose pieces that blend perfectly with the space you want to achieve. It takes time and patience to get things right, especially when you want to create a home that is not just a home, but a statement. For this reason, you need to ponder on your choices carefully.

To ensure that you have access to only the best pieces of furniture, Poliform Vancouver has you covered. We offer you pieces made by world-class Italian designers, guaranteed to transform your home into a space of luxury. Order your best pieces today!

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