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Poliform Vancouver > 4 Simple Interior Design Tips for Using Italian Furniture

4 Simple Interior Design Tips for Using Italian Furniture

4 Simple Interior Design Tips for Using Italian Furniture

Italian furniture is gorgeous and lends itself to luxurious interior design with classic and contemporary elements. It’s all a matter of using it right and designing your space to make things feel timeless and curated. However, not all homeowners know how to utilize these premium furnishing options.

In this article, we’ll share four interior design tips for using Italian furniture.

1. Introduce Modern Accents

Italian furniture designers want to make things that feel classic. This creates an excellent balance of standard features with contemporary highlights.

These contemporary details could include beveled edges on table edges, sculptural bases for dining tables, marble inset for table tops.

2. Use Rich or Neutral Colours

Italian furniture can work perfectly in a traditional or modern home. You can choose muted jewel toned or neutral fabrics colors for your furniture. Jewel-toned fabrics can add just the right amount of color and interest to a room and neutrals create a feeling of airiness.

3. Do Not Overdo It

You need to engage with the furniture in a way that makes it feel minimal and contemporary. Do not overdo it with the pieces you incorporate. With the right accents, you will not need to fill every area of your space.

Let the pieces speak for themselves. You may even find that your Italian furniture will look better when it isn’t cramped in a cluttered setup.

4. Create Volume in Your Placements and Architecture

Italian-style interior design is luxurious, but it can also be understated, elegant, and minimalist. Create the right kind of volume by incorporating tall elements into your space.
With quality pieces of furniture, you will not run the risk of dwarfing them if they are built with quality materials and a reasonable size. Furniture placement is everything, especially when you adhere to the natural lines set by the room’s architecture.


Learning the ins and outs of Italian furniture placement and design is one of the best ways to make your home look like it’s from a catalogue while still making it fit your exact style. With a little extra effort and thought, you can put it all together in a tasteful way. Your home style should be something you can enjoy for years to come.

Poliform furniture can be just what your home needs to achieve that high-end luxe aesthetic. Look through our products at Poliform Vancouver for the authentic Italian style that resonates with your vision.

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