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Poliform Vancouver > 5 Classy Design Ideas for Benches in a Modern Home

5 Classy Design Ideas for Benches in a Modern Home

5 Classy Design Ideas for Benches in a Modern Home

Indoor benches can be incredibly transformative pieces that can provide a powerful impact within a room. These functional, yet aesthetically pleasing items make an excellent alternative to visually heavy furniture like sofas. The slim and streamlined design of Italian benches makes them a perfect fit for the modern home.

Benches can be accent pieces for numerous areas in the home. Coming in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, they can spruce up a small, lackluster space or provide contrast to dining chairs in a dining area. They are as versatile as furniture can get and style them within a contemporary room can be easier than one may imagine.

Idea #1: Adding Value to the Dining Area

Placing an indoor bench beside the dining table is an excellent way to aesthetically break the symmetry in the area, creating tremendous visual interest. Consider positioning the bench on one side of the table, then add two to three chairs on the side opposing the bench.

The pleasant asymmetrical design detail will provide excellent use of a functional and comfortable accent piece. However, it is best to ensure that the dining chairs, table, and bench all work in harmony to give the entire area a cohesive appearance.

Idea #2: Resting at the Foot of a Bed

The foot of a bed may sometimes look bare and awkward on its own most of the time. Incorporating a classy indoor bench in that area can provide a comfortable and decorative spot in which an individual can lounge, have a cup of coffee or put on shoes. Moreover, it can be used to store items, such as stuffed animals, throw pillows, additional sheets, or books.

Idea #3: Acting as a Divider Bench

Many contemporary homes have open setups to maximize the use of natural light. Placing a decorative wooden or upholstered bench between areas can provide necessary seating and allows visual separation between rooms.

Idea #4: Framing a Luxurious Breakfast Nook

Larger homes with separate breakfast nooks are always timeless and enchanting. Placing a bench and a small table in this space can elevate the aesthetics of the area. Alternatively, a wooden one can also serve as a practical coffee table.

Purchase Elegant Benches for Your Home

A bench adds such an unexpected touch of elegance to home while being a functional accent piece. When styled carefully and purposefully, it can make a space come alive and provide interesting visual details. Remember these design ideas as you purchase a bench that suits your sophisticated taste!

If you are on the lookout for stylish indoor benches in Vancouver, Poliform Vancouver has you covered. We offer expertly designed Italian luxury furniture that can elevate your contemporary space. Browse our catalogue and shop with us today!

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