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Poliform Vancouver > 5 Excellent Walk-in Closet Design Ideas to Try Out

5 Excellent Walk-in Closet Design Ideas to Try Out

5 Excellent Walk-in Closet Design Ideas to Try Out

Are you looking to improve your home’s storage solution? If so, why not install a walk-in closet? These closets are great for many reasons, from adding more storage space for your clothes and other belongings to even serving as your private office for your most important meetings!

Either way, there are many walk-in closet designs to pick from, and you might be scratching your head wondering what design you should choose.

Well, if that is your challenge, worry not! Today, we are going to share with you a couple of top walk-in closet designs:

1. Smart Closet Storage

While you have plenty of storage now, you also have plenty of vertical storage space! Adding hanging rods, shelves, and the like, you can utilize this. Also, investing in a closet organizer is a good idea, as they can be set on top of each other, meaning you make the most out of every inch of your walk-in closet.

2. Cubby-Style Shelves

Speaking of shelves, we recommend that you ensure your walk-in closet has cubby-style shelves! What are these shelves? These shelves are separated into squares where you can store items such as shoes, trousers, and more. You can customize these shelves to fit taller items, and you will easily find and access whatever you need!

3. Good Lighting and Colors

You will need lighting in your walk-in closet. So, make sure to pick the correct type of lighting! Why not add a chandelier if you want to make it stand out? If you want something simpler, then overhead recessed lighting can work well!

Color-wise, make sure to color-coordinate the entire closet. You can go for earthy, darker looks or even vibrant ones. They all look good, but just make sure to coordinate the colors you pick.

4. A Closet Island

Much like the kitchen island we all know and love, you can have a closet island! They are a dresser built right into your walk-in closet and can be used in many ways. It can be used for watches, stockings, undergarments, etc. The countertop can also be perfect for activities like folding clothes or storing some of your daily-use items for quick access.

5. Closet Accessories

There are a ton of closet accessories you can pick from, from belt hooks to laundry hampers and so much more. Of course, you can take advantage of all of them, so feel free to pick accessories to turn your walk-in closet from a standard one to a truly remarkable one!


As you can see, there are many ways to design your walk-in closet! It all rests on what you want out of it. Everything from accessories to closet islands is a great way to add more utility, function, and aesthetic to your walk-in closet, so check them out. Of course, spend the time to understand what your needs are. Otherwise, you might just invest in something that you do not use.

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