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Poliform Vancouver > 5 Feng Shui Home Arrangement Tips to Try in Bedrooms at Home

5 Feng Shui Home Arrangement Tips to Try in Bedrooms at Home

5 Feng Shui Home Arrangement Tips to Try in Bedrooms at Home

5 Feng Shui Home Arrangement Tips to Try in Bedrooms at Home

Interior design is not only about pleasing the eyes and its users. Sometimes, it is also about following the traditional practices of Feng Shui in bringing luck and ensuring that the space stays beneficial for its users. However, the practice of Feng Shui is a meticulous process that people should follow to the littlest details for it to work. But what are the best practices in Feng Shui that works best in bedrooms?

1. Place Bed in a Command Position

The first thing that people should do is choose the bed’s position. In Feng Shui, the bed should be placed where the owner can sleep in a noble position because people who sleep in noble positions can feel free and enjoy themselves better.

For example, the bed should be placed where the head will be positioned to the east and the feet to the west. People who follow the Feng Shui ancient practice believe that the east brings positive energy while the west brings negative energy. To avoid the negative effect of negative energy in the west, the bed should be placed directly facing the east. It is also best to place the bed where the door to the bedroom is facing the west.

2. Never Place Mirrors Opposite Beds

Placing mirrors opposite the bed is not a good idea. In Feng Shui, the opposite direction should not be used. Establishing mirrors opposite beds is considered a breach of Feng Shui. The reason is that it will bring lousy energy, which will affect the owners of the bed.

While people will understand that mirrors are glass, Feng Shui people believe mirrors are an entrance. Hence, mirrors should be used very carefully. Glasses can also be considered an entrance, so people should not place them where a mirror is supposed to be.

3. Keep Doorways Clear

People should also be selective when placing furniture near the doorways. It is best to place furniture in a way that will not block the entrances. However, this is not applicable when the openings are enormous. But in small rooms, people should make sure that they will not stop the doorways so that they will not be blocking the beneficial energy they are supposed to be bringing in.

4. Allow Natural Light to Shine

People should also ensure that they will not block the natural light coming into their bedroom. Natural light is a vital part of Feng Shui. Hence, people should ensure that they will not stop the light coming in. For example, large furniture should not be placed in a way that will block light. The best way to do this is to put them so that they will not stop the light.

5. Add Natural Elements

People should take advantage of natural elements when it comes to Feng Shui. It is best to place plants, rocks and other elements that bring health and wellbeing. Without the natural elements, it will be impossible for the bedroom to be a Feng Shui-friendly space.


Feng Shui is a process that should be followed for it to work. But, the fact is that it is a very tedious process. People should be very particular about the minor details that can change the room’s Feng Shui. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. Feng Shui services can help you with this.

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