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Poliform Vancouver > 5 High-End Features Your Luxury Kitchen Needs

5 High-End Features Your Luxury Kitchen Needs

5 High-End Features Your Luxury Kitchen Needs

The kitchen has always been one of the most critical rooms in a home. As the location of many crucial tasks, such as cooking, eating breakfast together, and even completing some chores through your smartphone or laptop, there is a growing need to make it more comfortable.  Now that more people are eating at home and opting for healthier meals, homeowners are pursuing a kitchen remodel to cook their meals in a stylish and convenient environment. 

Modern kitchens are all about functionality and there is no shortage of luxury kitchen design ideas to choose from for your brand new kitchen. Before you get started, you will need to know the non-negotiables of a luxury kitchen. Here are five high-end features to get you started:

1. An Open Layout

Many modern homes are doing away with interior walls favoring an open layout. Designing your kitchen to have more open space allows you to cook and prepare food while entertaining your guests, which means you will not be shuttling back and forth and miss out on all the socializing. It also makes it easier to move around and determine what you need to do since you have a full view of the room and the adjacent areas.

2. A Stylish Built-In Refrigerator

No kitchen is complete without a refrigerator, so it is essential to choose one built into the room.  Doing so will achieve a cohesive, sleek look for your kitchen, as your refrigerator will not awkwardly protrude out and take up valuable space. A crucial aspect of luxury kitchen design is seamless integration with the rest of the room, so keep this in mind when choosing a new refrigerator for your kitchen. 

3. A Concealed Trash and Recycling Bin

The key to luxury kitchen design is elegance, so like a built-in refrigerator, you will want to achieve the same effect for your trash and recycling bin. You would not want your guests to be within view of your garbage, nor would you want them to get a waft of the stuff, so storing it inside cabinets is an excellent way to maintain a luxurious look for your kitchen. Not only will it keep your kitchen looking clean, but it will also prevent ants and other insects from going through your trash.

4. Gorgeous Countertops 

Luxury countertops are another essential feature that can elevate your kitchen. Quartz countertops are a great option, as they are gorgeous and durable while offering an expensive look.

5. Sleek Kitchen Bar Stools  

When you think of a counter stool, you are probably thinking of those one-legged stools with faux leather cushions that you commonly find at pubs or diners. However, our luxury kitchen counter stools are designed to impress, embodying the spirit of Italian design. For example, our  Sophie Lite collection consists of a Sophie chair and stool with a shaped backrest chair, making it lightweight. It is outfitted with a solid wood frame and a fabric or genuine leather upholstered seat, providing you with comfortable structure as you relax in your kitchen. Well-made, luxurious seating is the ultimate way to wrap your kitchen in a stylish bow.

Upgrading Your Kitchen With Poliform Vancouver  

High-end kitchens have taken the world by storm thanks to the unique combination of their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Before you get started on redesigning your kitchen to achieve the ultra-modern look, be sure to consider these high-end features, as they are guaranteed to bring style and panache to your space. 

Poliform Vancouver is an ultra-luxury high-end Italian furniture brand that sells luxury furniture pieces. We have a wide range of furniture that is sure to take your kitchen to a new level of elegance and style. Contact us today to let us help you achieve the modern kitchen of your dreams.


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