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Poliform Vancouver > 5 Italian Kitchen Decor Ideas for Luxury and Functionality

5 Italian Kitchen Decor Ideas for Luxury and Functionality

5 Italian Kitchen Decor Ideas for Luxury and Functionality

Italian kitchens are known for being luxurious and spacious. With advances in interior design, they have only become more so. Today, kitchen designs are focused on creating a clean, open, and uncluttered space, regardless of the size of the kitchen.

We list down the top five Italian kitchen decoration ideas you can try at home. See how these ideas can incorporate high-functionality and luxury modern Italian kitchens:

1. Open Kitchen Style

Italian kitchens are popular because they look clean and organized. If you have a small space, you should get an open kitchen layout with a modular setup instead of a traditional closed kitchen.

Installing a chimney will help keep your kitchen clean and free of smoke. You can also choose from several storage options, like magic corner units, tandem drawers, janitor units and skirting drawers, to make the most of your space.

An organized and uncluttered kitchen is the key to an authentic Italian cooking experience.

2. Foldable Breakfast Counter

Luxury modern Italian kitchens focus on creating a space tailored to your specific needs and eliminating anything unnecessary. This is an effective way to get rid of clutter.

A foldable breakfast counter with hidden storage is a great way to make your small kitchen more functional without taking up much space. Get rid of those big dining tables that take up a lot of room. This is an incredible hack, especially if you don’t have a separate dining area.

3. Appliance Garage

In Indian-themed houses, appliances/ gadgets like microwaves, grills, and toasters are usually on the kitchen counter. This setup could cover a lot of space and leave little room to move around.

On the other hand, one of the best things about luxury modern Italian kitchens is that it emphasizes keeping the counter as accessible as possible, so you have enough space for meal preparation. An appliance garage provides a place to store all your appliances, keeping your countertops clean. This unit is beneficial in small kitchens.

4. Italian Modular Kitchen With Drawers, Pull Outs And Shutters

Italian kitchen design is popular because it makes the most available space, providing maximum storage and a streamlined cooking experience.

Choose from various modern storage options like spice racks, pantry shelves, carousels, drawers with built-in organizers, and more to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Wooden Cabinets, Pastel Colors And Terracotta Flooring

For a kitchen that looks straight out of Italy, use natural materials like terracotta flooring and wood cabinets. Try wood-finished laminates and solid colors for a modern look. If your kitchen has a smaller area, go for light colors. This space should be kept simple, with minimal accents.

Terracotta tiles are a good option because they create a traditional vibe and are easy to maintain. However, you don’t have to choose only terracotta floor tiles. You could also opt for white floor tiles, marble, or wooden flooring to make your modern Italian kitchen more stylish.


If you plan to renovate your kitchen, choose an option that will last for years.

These days, you can design your kitchen online with the help of a designer from the comfort of your home. With advances in technology, kitchen design has changed a lot in the past few years.

If you want a renovation, reach out to professional kitchen designers in Vancouver, like Poliform Vancouver, to share your dream luxury modern Italian kitchens and get ideas that will suit your home. Call us for more details.

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