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Poliform Vancouver > 5 Tips for Achieving Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement

5 Tips for Achieving Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement

5 Tips for Achieving Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement

Having luxury, high-quality furniture can make the home environment much more appealing and  harmonious, but it is paramount to think carefully about the placement as well. Furniture  arrangements can make or break the appearance of the home, and it is only right for  homeowners to settle with a sound organization that improves their home.

Consider following the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. The practice had originated in  China but is now followed in households all over the world in order to conjure positive energy for  the peace of mind of every home occupant. If you want to arrange your furniture to gain the  benefits of Feng Shui, here are a couple of tips for you to follow:

1) Offer a Clear Path for Chi

The general thing about Feng Shui is that the pathway from the door and to the walls should be  generally clear. The flow of chi or positive energy travels, and it should be given a clear pathway  to ensure distribution.

Work on providing spacing while creating the arrangement, specifically between the furniture pieces and the various enclosures of the room. Following this main principle should allow pretty much any homeowner to achieve Feng Shui.

2) Strive for Seamlessness

Another principle about following Feng Shui is to avoid worrying about the amount of furniture  you have. It is promoted to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to this specific type of  arrangement since everything is spaced out anyway.

Try to focus on getting the same type of finish or design on each furniture item. For instance,  focusing on similar finishes for all your tabletops, closets, and desks in the bedroom would allow you to have seamlessness and harmony in the home.

3) Follow Traditional Shapes

U-shaped structures are quite recommended for achieving Feng Shui, so be sure to seek out  sofa sets and chairs that emulate that traditional shape. These are less likely to disturb the flow  of chi, so try to get many of them for your living room and every other common area.

It is not recommended to let these furniture pieces face each other directly, though, regardless  of their similarity and unity in shape. Be a little more meticulous and think about a setup where  people in the home are positioned to have a conversation.

4) Arrange in Respect of the Doorway

Power positions are important when it comes to the arrangement of Feng Shui, which can often  mean a variety of ways. However, the usual rule is that any person should be able to see the  door or any other opening to the room at all times. The reasoning behind this placement is for  better awareness of who is coming in, lessening the possibility of any surprises.

5) Avoid Edges and Corners

As suggested by the point about traditional shapes above, corners are usually eliminated from  Feng Shui. It is possible to have furniture pieces with these elements but try to cover them up as  best as you can. Harsh edges either invite bad energy or disrupt the flow of positive energy that  previous steps have tried to emulate.


Following this guide should allow you to achieve a household that follows Feng Shu-attuned  furniture arrangement. With the perfect pieces for your home alongside the ideal placement, you  can look forward to good luck and optimism.

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