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Poliform Vancouver > 8 Inspiring, Modern Ideas for Your Modern Dining Room

8 Inspiring, Modern Ideas for Your Modern Dining Room

8 Inspiring, Modern Ideas for Your Modern Dining Room

Saying formal dining room often conjures images of traditional dining spaces fit for fancy events  only. However, a formal dining room’s interior design does not have to feel traditional to be  considered formal. A modern dining room is just as classy and alluring as a traditional space  that’s more approachable.  

Whether you want to keep the look of your dining room modern, or you’d like something more  contemporary, a streamlined room design is a great way to give your space an up-to-date,  refreshing feeling. Here are some ways to add these traits to your dining room’s interior design:  

Use a Glass Table  

Not only is a glass dining table elegant and modern, but it’s also easier to clean, perfect for an  open concept home, and gives the illusion of more space. Glass is also a great choice if you are  searching for a table that plays well with modern embellishments like gold, brass, copper, or  silver! Glass table tops now come in many different colors for example a smoked glass which  gives the table a sophisticated elegance.  

Choose Statement Furnishings Wisely  

Modern interior design often features a mix of neutral and bold colours and textures. Designers  are increasingly being encouraged to use textural materials to create vibrant designs. You can  mix and match but pay attention to the hues so they don’t clash with each other and provide just  enough contrast to be visually appealing.  

Go Graphic  

Modern style means a lot of different things to different people, but when we say modern, we  mean decorating with the freedom to experiment with bolder colours and designs that don’t  clash with your furniture.  

Go Chic and Elegant  

To keep the rest of the room from feeling stuffy colour your walls. 

Go Eclectic  

Create a dining area that feels purposeful and personal by mixing different modern style  elements. For instance, your table can be round while the chairs have square backrests or vice 

versa! They can also alternate between meticulously detailed or crafted with simple lines and  angles.  

Your chandelier can also follow or go against these trends. Its fixtures can be simply round or  multi-angled to make it an eye-catching detail of your interior design.  

Go Minimal  

A minimalist space can often look too austere, and it’s a good idea to bring in some accessories  to give it some personality. For a modern interior, adding a rug and framed prints are an easy  way to do so.  

Go Simple  

If you’re going for a simple and modern interior design, select a paint colour that adds  dimension to the room. Paint the dining room a shade that complements the table and chairs.   

Emphasize the Kitchen  

Over-the-top dining rooms with no boundaries to their kitchens prove that modern interior design  can still feel formal. A dining room is a lovely place to showcase your connecting kitchen and  add visual interest to your home if you have the space.  

In Conclusion  

A dining room can be many things, depending on the interior design style you want to achieve.  When creating the perfect dining room, think about the look you want to achieve first and select  the furniture and decor that best fits your design. 

Check out Poliform Vancouver for more Interior Design tips. We’re a leading player in  the international furniture scene who’s always based our vision on the search for quality by  updating its lines in keeping with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends. Visit our online  store now! 

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