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Poliform Vancouver > 8 Simple Tips for an Elegant and Modern Living Room Design

8 Simple Tips for an Elegant and Modern Living Room Design

8 Simple Tips for an Elegant and Modern Living Room Design

Most people automatically have the kitchen and bathroom at the top of their list when the time  comes to renovate their home. Although both are reasonable choices, their impact on the  home’s appeal is not immediately evident compared to the living room.

Your living room is typically the first area guests see when visiting your home. This is the first  room that gives you an opportunity to impress them and leave a lasting impression.

If you are thinking of ways to update your living room’s interior design to showcase your  personality while injecting elegance and sophistication, here are some tips for you.

Create a Focal Point

Focal points are objects that make a room more interesting. One of the best and most  stress-free ways to create visual interest in your living room is to hang an oversized piece of art  on one of the walls. Artworks add a sense of chicness to a space. Make sure that the artwork’s  coloring and your living room’s color scheme are working harmoniously.

Take, for example, our Code day systems. They allow the TV to blend in with a wall of cabinetry  that still allows it to remain an important focal point surrounded by decorations.

Make It Simple

A hallmark of modern interior design is the preference for minimalism. Scale down your living  room accessories to the bare minimum. Retain what you love and store the rest. A simplified  space allows the pieces you keep to truly shine while tying the room together nicely.

The Quid day system keeps it simple in the living room, keeping everything on one shelf— including the TV. It is perfect for those who love minimalism. After all, not everybody appreciates  having a full wall of decorations and appliances. Sometimes, you just need a surface to put  things on, and that’s fine.

Let the TV Blend

The television is a staple in most living rooms. However, the style and model of the TV can  affect the room’s aesthetics. To let your TV harmoniously exist in the space, you can get a TV  model that looks like a painting when it is not in use. You can also camouflage it with a gallery  wall around it. You can use family photos or buy prints and frames that you can hang freely. 

Accessorize Wisely

The right accessories can make a space look more luxurious. You can incorporate candles,  bowls, and small sculptures you acquired from your trips to add a bit of your flair into your living  room. Remember not to clutter the space! 

Break the Monotony

Modern designs appreciate straight lines and reflective surfaces. But it also likes incorporating  natural materials and neutral colors. Break the monotony of contemporary design with pieces  of furniture featuring whimsical shapes or interesting silhouettes.

Welcome Natural Light

Natural light is modern design’s preferred kind of lighting. This is why most modern homes have  big windows to let the natural light into the space. If large windows and natural light is not an  option for you, try adding chandeliers with glass or stainless steel. Pendant lights with the same  materials are also a great choice. Make sure there is enough ambient light in the room, too.

Keep an Eye on the Room’s Balance

Balance in interior design refers to the sense of visual calmness when you are in the room. It  does not necessarily mean that everything needs to be perfectly symmetrical. It is more of all  the design elements coming together. You can play with patterns, textiles, shapes, colors, and  more. However, they always need to feel like they belong in the space.

Be Mindful of the Room’s Flow

The concept of flow involves the impact of the design on how people move in a space. It also  shows the consistency of design throughout your home. In arranging the elements in your living  room, take note of how people use the area, how they move in it, and how the room connects to  other parts of your home.


Your living room’s interior design is a reflection of your personality. However, since it is the first  room people see, it is ideal for making a good and lasting impression. At the end of the day, you get to decide what to put in your home and how you will arrange it.  Make sure that you add high-quality, well-designed pieces of furniture to make you happy. 

Include a little whimsy and elegance to any room in your home with Poliform furniture. Peruse  our catalogue or visit our flagship Vancouver showroom and get inspired to redesign your  home today!

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