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Poliform Vancouver > A Guide to Choosing the Best Writing Desk for Your Home

A Guide to Choosing the Best Writing Desk for Your Home

A Guide to Choosing the Best Writing Desk for Your Home

Writing desks may give a house or office a sense of elegance. Any professional will tell you that having the ideal workstation may promote creativity and a productive working environment.

A writing desk is not just for composing novels or letters. It can serve as your home office desk. They make excellent laptop stands and might provide a cosy sitting spot while updating your daily planner.

Writing desks come in various designs, sizes, and types, from the functional to the aesthetically pleasing. There are many distinct possibilities to select from because they are so unlike. Here are a few recommendations to get you started choosing the type of writing desk that best meets your needs.

Know Your Styles of Writing Desks

Before choosing one and making a final purchase, it is a good idea to know the type of desk you need to prevent buying one that might not match the current d├ęcor.

    • Traditional Writing Desks: These desks are a focal point with their glossy surfaces and intricately carved ornamental and structural features. Traditional furniture is typically constructed of wood and has sophisticated characteristics.


    • Transitional Writing Desks: These desks have many of the architectural ornamental components of the conventional style but with less decoration. Between traditional and modern, transitional style moves away from ornate elaboration and toward more practical elements.


    • Contemporary Writing Desks: These desks feature streamlined, uncluttered lines and can make inventive use of geometric shapes. This style will nevertheless integrate ornamental features, such as metal accents or glass or fabric panels that offer texture, even if the emphasis is on utility rather than aesthetics.


  • Country Style Writing Desks: This design emphasizes simplicity and usefulness while including numerous traditional characteristics. A distressed finish, wood or natural finish, or a painted finish with stencilling often gives country furniture its worn-in appearance. A writing desk in the country design has a lovely, rustic appearance.


Personalizing Your Desk

There are various ways you can decorate a writing table and make it more personal and functional, such as:

Pairing It with a Comfy Chair

The desk you selected looks fantastic. But do not forget that you will also need a seat. Select a chair that is both comfy and complementary to the style and feel of the writing desk.

Adding Coasters

If you like coasters, consider a stain-resistant finish. The smooth surface of a writing desk with a rich, glistening finish makes them appealing. It helps to protect this glossy surface with coasters.

Consider Positioning

Place the workstation near the window or skylight to make the most of any available natural light. You can also place it next to a power supply to prevent using extension cables to plug in a light or a computer.

Other Accessories

Even if you are not fond of quill pens and ink, a desk set and additional accents like clocks and bookends that coordinate will make your writing desk more functional.


Do not limit your choices to just one type of writing desk. Choose a writing desk that best fits your taste and purpose. Once you have found a writing desk that is best for you, you may consider getting an office chair that complements the desk.

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