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Poliform Vancouver > Adding Warmth to a Room: What Colours Should You Use?

Adding Warmth to a Room: What Colours Should You Use?

Adding Warmth to a Room: What Colours Should You Use?

Your home should be the place you look forward to going after a long and stressful day at work.  It should be the place that helps you refresh your inner energy and get away from the hustle and  bustle of work. In short, it should be a place of relaxation and refuge in a world of chaos and  pressure.

In our search to find peace and relaxation in your home, we strive to create a design that will  give your home a hospitable, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Many do not know that  colors can play a major role in creating a relaxing ambiance in a room. Choosing the right  colors for wallpaper, paint, furniture, and decorations will bring warmth to your home.

Adding Warmth to a Room: What Colors Should You Use?

If you are looking for a quick way to brighten up a room and give it a color scheme that can act  as a warm hug when you get home, using these specific colors can help you reach this goal.

1 – Earthy Tones

The combination of white and earth tones will help create a natural and earthy  color palette for your room. Earth tones will work well in rooms where you want to relax and  have a moment with your thoughts. White on chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, and even grey will  be great combinations to consider.

2 – “Opposite” Colors

Specific colors can work together to create a relaxing ambiance in a room. Colors that you  may not expect to look good together will help relax the eyes and mind after a long day. One  color combination is grey and mustard. Grey is classy and relaxing, while mustard will  counteract it and bring positive energy to the room.

3 – Sea Greens

Sea green tones will help relax the body and soul because they will unconsciously remind the  people in the room of the relaxing sound of sea waves crashing on the shore. Sea greens on  cream have been a popular color scheme used back in the 60s and 70s and are now making a  comeback.

4 – Blue Hues

Scientifically, blue has been proven to incite relaxation in the mind of people who choose to stay  in a room painted this color. It is essentially relaxing and affects people in a positive way.  Shades of blue are mentally calming. Deeper blues will promote mental stimulation, and clear  thoughts and lighter shades of blue will help calm the mind and help with concentration. Blues  have also been instrumental in stress management.


These color combinations will help create the desired relaxing atmosphere that you are going  for. Selecting the right tones and hues will make for the right mood in a room. Hopefully,  following this guide will help you find a suitable color scheme to make for a peaceful and  relaxing quality in all the rooms in your home.

A relaxing room deserves only the best furniture and decor. Poliform Vancouver is an ultra luxury high-end Italian furniture brand that will have an array of choices of furniture and fixtures  that will bring life to any room. Visit us and get the best furniture for your home remodel today!

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