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Poliform Vancouver > Discovering The Luxury Of Poufs – Why Your Home Needs One

Discovering The Luxury Of Poufs – Why Your Home Needs One

Discovering The Luxury Of Poufs – Why Your Home Needs One

The new year may have you excited to revamp your spaces, especially after being forced to stay at home due to the harsh winter and threat of disease. With so many items to choose from, however, how do you know you’ll be picking the right furniture piece? We’ve got an answer, and it may be a piece you haven’t heard of yet—a pouf!

Most people refer to them as ottomans and cushions, but poufs offer more than just what you think. They’re highly versatile furnishing, which can come in various sizes and shapes like cubes and cylinders! These pieces of furniture are soft and lightweight, serving mainly as a floor seat. Ours don’t come with storage options (but some of our poufs do come with feet) nor feet, but they’re highly comfortable

Why invest in poufs?

Reason #1: Poufs tie your spaces together effortlessly

It may seem like it due to their nature, but poufs are incredibly versatile. They can complement countless spaces and pieces of furniture, tying your room together effortlessly. They are solid enough to hold the shape you want, yet soft enough to provide a touch of warmth and comfort

Reason #2: They offer you both aesthetic and functionality

It’s no secret that poufs offer functionality like no other, especially since they can serve as side tables, footrests, and even additional seats! What many do not realize is that poufs vary in design, and there’s definitely one for everyone in the market.
Poufs can come in various textiles, weaves, and colours. They can also come in suede and leather, complete with finishing touches such as metal, embroidery, and so much more. They’ll blend in with your designs, serving as beautiful accent pieces

Making The Most Of Your Dwelling

Investing in pieces such as poufs can bring more life into your spaces. They are unique accessories that can complete and tie in any room, coming in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. They can be used for additional seating arrangements. You can also place them near your lounge chairs and sofas to rest your feet, or even as a small table for your books and coffee. The choices are endless—the only thing left to do now is to purchase one for your home!
If you’re on the hunt for the most stylish pouf, Poliform Vancouver is the place to go. We offer you high-end pieces ranging from coffee tables, kitchens, lounge chairs, and of course, our ever-reliable poufs! Allow us to transform your spaces with our Italian luxury furniture line. Order yours today!

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