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Poliform Vancouver > Excellent Tips on Making Feng Shui Work for Your Bedroom

Excellent Tips on Making Feng Shui Work for Your Bedroom

Excellent Tips on Making Feng Shui Work for Your Bedroom

Applying the principles of feng shui to your sleeping quarters will help you harmonize with your  bedroom’s environment. However, before you begin, It’s best to perform a short cleansing and  energy clearing to rid the air of any negativity. To clear the space of negative energy, consider  burning sage, palo santo, or cedar. This will ensure that the chi in your bedroom is built on a solid foundation.  

Now that the task is out of the way, you can proceed to the most effective feng shui bedroom  tips detailed in the following paragraphs.  

Pick the Right Color Scheme  

Certain hues are supposed to encourage maximum sensuality and a serene vibe in the  bedroom as well as comfortable sleep. Generally, choose skin colored tones or muted shades  that are found in nature—off-white, creams, chocolate, and brown tones are just a few ideas.

Here are what you should avoid when planning your bedroom:

  •  Crisp white walls should be avoided at night since they can be overstimulating.
  •  Peach should be used at a minimum. For instance, only use peach as an accent tone on cushions, blankets, and small things on your queen-size bed. 

Design the Right Layout

Changing the layout of your bedroom is another fast technique to encourage harmony and relaxation. Your queen-size bed is the most important piece of furniture to pay attention to, and you should make sure it is in the command position. This means positioning your queen-size bed so you can see the front door when you are resting on it. It is thought that putting your bed against the same wall as your door makes you feel threatened—as if someone might surprise you while you are sleeping.

When it comes to beds, they must always have a headboard since it provides a sense of support in life. If you simply have a box spring, you can purchase a headboard separately, but make sure it is securely attached to the bed to avoid wobbling.

Make sure you choose one with rounded corners with fabric covers to have a softer, more inviting feel. Heavy cast-iron headboards or those with bars emit the same cutting energy you want to avoid in such a calm environment.

Place Everything in Pairs

Pairs are supposed to generate loving, peaceful energy in feng shui, so decorate your room for two people, even if you are not in a relationship. Leave some space on your dresser and nightstand, then arrange everything in pairs.

Place accessories that nourish the five senses

To figure out what elements to bring into your home, examine a Bagua map. If your bedroom is in the health and family section, for example, and the dominating feature is wood, incorporating greens and blues will keep that aspect alive.

  • To stimulate your sense of smell in the bedroom, use essential oils in a candle diffuser  or an ultrasonic diffuser.  
  •  For the sense of touch, it is preferable to go with soft, inviting textiles. All linens, pillows,  cushions, and drapes should be made of velvet, satin, or Egyptian cotton. Your bed  sheets should be especially gentle on the skin.
  • As with the sense of sight, earthy tones are what you want to see in your bedroom. Look  for accents that speak to you.
  •  For your sense of sound, a little white noise machine with calming tones will help you get  a good night’s sleep.
  • Finally, for the sense of taste, keep a small jar of water close to the bed. Put some lemon in it and drink it first thing in the morning for a boost.


Always keep in mind that the bedroom should only be used for rest and leisure. Try not to bring work or other stressful activities into this space. Also, you spend around eight hours a day in this sacred area. Therefore, you should aim to make it as feng shui-friendly as possible.

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