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Poliform Vancouver > How to Create the Best Guest Rooms for a Great Experience

How to Create the Best Guest Rooms for a Great Experience

How to Create the Best Guest Rooms for a Great Experience

What your guest room looks like, says a lot about who you are as a host and a person. While everyone has a distinctive style, it is important to create an elegant guest room to welcome your visitors.

In this article, we discuss what things you should consider in creating your guest room, and by the end of it, you should have the best guest room made for your guests.

Comfort and Style

You can get both comfort and fashion if you know where to look and know how to invest in luxury furniture and bedding.

Comfort is the most important thing for your guests. You should prioritize comfort and add the styling around the comfort. A great guest room must be appealing to all senses—that includes both touch, visually and aromatically.

Get luxury sheets that are beautifully made with high thread counts for maximum comfort. Place a rug on either side of the bed because nothing expresses comfort more than rolling off a comfy bed and having your feet hit a soft rug. An upholstered headboard and bed frame will create a stylish and cosy room. Lamps placed on either side of the bed provide ambient lighting and great reading light. Nightstands with a large surface create the perfect space for lamps, water glasses and books.

Small Details Matter

Leaving some hangers in the closet, books to read, a welcome bouquet, or some chocolates— these are all small details that no one expects in the guest room. However, it is because no one expects this that you should add it.

Your guests will be easily surprised by the smallest things that they usually do not get in guest rooms. This makes it a pleasant surprise and a lot of fun for them to enjoy. It is also a good way for them to start off their journey of relaxation.

Respect Their Privacy

Give your guests their privacy, make sure they have their own personal space, including their own personal bathroom. If possible, personal entrances and parking spaces would also be great. Allow them to have their private space and that they do not feel obligated to have to socialize all the time.


A guest room should not be treated without care, it is just as important as all other bedrooms. Your guests should feel not only comfortable but also special. Make sure they have a good time by following our tips above for the best guest room experience.

If you want to create your own home hotel with your guest room, we have the stuff for you. We offer high-quality, luxury furniture, such as a glass coffee table, and other furniture pieces. Create the best guest experiences by shopping at Poliform Vancouver today.

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