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Poliform Vancouver > How to Give Your Dining Space a Luxury Boost with a Stool

How to Give Your Dining Space a Luxury Boost with a Stool

How to Give Your Dining Space a Luxury Boost with a Stool

How to Give Your Dining Space a Luxury Boost with a Stool

Typically, you’ll come across stools at your go-to pubs, morning run coffee shops, or favourite restaurants. Now, you’ll find them as an essential part of limited-space homes that require added accessibility. They also have the potential to create an air of extravagance in a practical space. If you’re up for a kitchen remodel but are working with limited square footage, here is why you should consider replacing traditional dining sets with versatile, luxury bar or counter height chairs.

1.They’re Convenient and Adjustable

Contrary to how they may appear, stools are highly accommodating pieces of furniture. Stools aren’t just for bars—most are adjustable and can be placed at a bar or even by the kitchen counter, depending on the type you choose.

Standard bars and counter heights will vary. Bar stools have a seat height of between 29 and 30 inches, perfectly suited for bar tables between 40 and 40 inches tall. On the other hand, counter stools between 24 and 27 inches are ideal for tables up to 36 inches tall.

Fortunately, pieces such as the Harmony Stool are structured and comfortable and make a gorgeous addition to your seating set. If you’re a little petite, don’t worry about your feet dangling—you can place them on a comfortable footrest.

When it comes to smaller dining spaces, adjustable stools are a godsend—just shrink them and store them underneath your dining set or counter. Both bar and counter stools are also more lightweight than traditional seating—you can quickly shuffle them around whenever necessary.

2.They are Multifaceted Products

Counter stools make for a welcome addition to kitchen sets or as an ideal solution for home gatherings. Available in a range of colours, styles, and finishes, there is no shortage of variety with a stool that can complement your already existing home aesthetic.

For instance, the Rodrigo Torres ICS is a stunning contrast of shapes and materials. Add a vibrant pop of muted, classic blue to a gorgeous pastoral kitchen.

3.They are Timeless and Reliable

The humble, wooden stool is a classic for a reason—they are durable and comfortable and lend to a rustic living space’s natural atmosphere. Remember, rustic doesn’t have to equate dull or monotonous.

There are some polished wooden counter stools that are expressive and sophisticated. Not to mention, they are a low-maintenance seating solution that you can quickly dust with a soft cloth after use—perfect for a minimal, yet visually staggering dining space.

4.They are Furniture Chameleons

Because stools are available in hundreds of varieties, most online and in-store shops will spoil you for choice. Hardly will you come across one that doesn’t suit your home. Whether refined, fluid, or a little bit casual, bar stools can convey “contemporary” and “elegant.”

Showcase your personality with a pub-style stool or distressed metal seat—whatever speaks volumes about what you love.

How to Select the Right Stool

When it comes to stool shopping, there are a few comfort and aesthetic considerations you’ll want to make. These might include:

1.Back Vs. No Back

If you’re going to spend a lot of time behind the counter, you may be better off purchasing a counter stool with a backrest. The Sophie Lite is one such stool that maximizes refinement while prioritizing comfort.

On the other hand, a backless bar stool will take up less visual space if you’re after something sleeker and less bulky.

2.Type of Finish

Consider other wood finishes in your dining space. Are you walking across a stunning hardwood floor? Are your overhead cupboards finished with dark mahogany? If so, you may want to opt for a uniform look by incorporating a similar finish to your wooden stool.

3.How Many You’ll Need

One stool is hardly enough. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to leave at least two feet of space between each stool but have enough to accommodate guests and each of your family members.

Enhance Your Home Aesthetic With a Luxury Stool 

In the contemporary home, stools are becoming an essential furnishing item. Now, they are innovative, stylistic, and truly one-of-a-kind. They’re no longer just a means to sit, but a way to create an in-home style statement.

If you’re brimming with kitchen ideas, shop our stunning counter height chairs at Poliform Vancouver! We aim to re-write your living space experience with elegant pieces that bring culture to your home.

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