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How to Give Your Open Plan Space a New and Modern Look

How to Give Your Open Plan Space a New and Modern Look

Decorating an open plan home can be intimidating. Just as writers hesitate at an empty page and artists hem and haw over the first brushstroke, the home decorator can also experience a creative block. The best way to circumvent this is to plan the overall look of your space. This is essential to make sure nothing clashes with one another.

Color Palette

A good start would be your color palette. You should have a main color and an accent color. The main color should be gentle on the eyes. This is, after all, where you come home to rest, and overly harsh colors can be tiresome to look at. White, off-white, shades of brown, and black are good starting points.

The accent color should have good contrast with the main color. This is here to break up the monotony and add visual interest to your décor. Gold and silver, for example, are excellent accent colors. They are guaranteed to add a luxurious touch to your home, and they pair well with most neutral colors.

Dining Room and Kitchen

These two rooms are usually made into one in an open plan living space. This area is the heart of any home. You and your guests will make many memories here. This makes the interior design for these spaces crucial. If you want your home to be a reflection of who you are, the décor here is your second first impression.

For the kitchen and dining room, consider something like Shape by R&D Poliform. This is especially good if your home has natural lighting, as the open design will allow sunlight to stream in throughout the room. This openness allows a conversation to flow freely between the cook and the guests as they are preparing to a feast. The metallic accent will add a lovely modern flair to any kitchen.

The size of your dining table should be large enough to accommodate how many guests you regularly see but give your dining space enough breathing room. If the edges come too close to the walls, the room will feel cramped and uninviting. Consider a table with simple, smooth shapes to maintain the contemporary themes.

Living Room

This room is a versatile space, so design it accordingly. Open plan homes tend to have more space than the average home, so you can choose an L-shaped sofa. Try adding the Tribeca by Jean-Marie Massaud, a chic sofa that will let you lounge in style.

If the room feels too open, you can break up the space using wall systems or consoles. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves provide utility as well as partition the room. Even a simple, eye-catching lamp or tall sculpture can vary a room visually.


The bedroom is your palace. This is the room where you should feel pampered like royalty.

Laze by Rodolfo Dordoni is a soft upholstered bed that is an experience in luxury. Sleep like a true monarch in this exceptional example of Italian design. The solid shapes make it an excellent centerpiece for your bedroom. Adding a large carpet at the foot of Laze will emphasize the size of your bedroom.


All it takes to bring your home to the realms of modernity is patience and planning. Look online for a color scheme that inspires you. Shop around for the right furniture and decor. Your dream home awaits.

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