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Poliform Vancouver > How to Properly Transform Your Closet Space – A Guide

How to Properly Transform Your Closet Space – A Guide

How to Properly Transform Your Closet Space – A Guide

While it is imperative to consider your home’s future resale value, bear in mind that your closet will be first and foremost serving you. You will want to provide your clothing with ample space and create a space perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences, and a custom-made closet should be on top of your list.

Arriving at the perfect closet space, however, needs proper and careful planning. A closet remodeling process comes with plenty of pitfalls, and one wrong move can lead you to a poorly created closet, perhaps even worse than before. A perfectly designed closet should go beyond the price tag and be completely functional and aesthetically pleasing.

To help you arrive at the best possible closet system, we have gathered this quick and easy guide to follow. Make sure to consider the following elements below to breathe life into the closet of your dreams:

Step 1: Consider your overall existing closet space

Once you embark on the beginning of your closet renovation, make sure to consider the current size. If you find your closet much too small for your anticipated and desired needs, you will want to consider expanding the layout. You will likely have enough space to sacrifice, especially since your future closet space will now be able to accommodate more storage.

With a custom layout plan, you will have more room to get the design right. There will be no more dressers necessary, and just a smart and well-designed walk-in space for your personal belongings. Dead space can also be used more efficiently, ensuring that all your needs are met!

Step 2: Don’t skip ergonomics—it matters

The seasons change every few months, and so will your wardrobe choices. You would not want to enter the summer season with valuable closet space being taken up with puffy winter coats and warm boots that are impractical for the current season. With a custom closet space, you won’t have to reach far for your choice of clothing.

Your layout design can feature open shelving, hanging rails, drawers, pull-out belt hangers, tie hangers, accessories for your jewelry and lighting. All the design details to keep your wardrobe organized. Ergonomics play a vital role in the proper closet renovation, and with a custom made closet, this can be very much easy to achieve.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid of luxurious additions

Most modern and luxury homes have private baths attached to their rooms, and this is likely true for your space. More often than not, these bathrooms are also attached to their closet spaces, making things much more complicated. To make sure that no water finds its way into your personal belongings, installing custom sliding shower doors can be made possible, allowing you the luxury of not having to worry about hinges and pivoting. More importantly, you never have to worry about water escaping.

Invest In The Best Modern and Luxurious Closet Designs

Your home is a sanctuary, and your bedroom—even more so. It is only logical to invest in luxury, particularly when it comes to finding the right storage space for your clothes, accessories, and other personal belongings. By investing in a custom closet system, you allow yourself a better and more modern daily routine—all without the need to overturn your closet for a single item lost. By the end of your renovation, you will have your own personal boutique.

For the best walk-in closet design, allow our Italian designers to help. Poliform Vancouver offers you the latest design and finishes options ensuring that your home is fitted with quality and luxury. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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