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How to Turn an Extra Room Into a Luxury Home Office

How to Turn an Extra Room Into a Luxury Home Office

Because of the current situation around the world, almost everyone is now doing their work within the comfort of their homes. For the most part, even a work-from-home setup is not much different from their office counterpart. You receive calls, you are given a specific project to work on and you have a deadline for the day that will set your schedule and momentum until the end of your shift.

It is all simple and typical, a normal day at work, you might say. However, the problem is that you may not be as motivated as you were when you were doing all your tasks for the day in an actual office, and you can blame all that on your surroundings. Of course, how can you concentrate if you have your TV, your bed and your scenic balcony right next to you?

Luckily, there is a workaround for this dilemma, and that is by making a certain section of your house into a home office. This is an indoor area where you can accomplish all of your work without getting distracted by your household.

If you want to convert one of your spare rooms into a luxury home office, consider the following luxury design recommendations that began trending this year.

1) Making the Most Out of Your Windows

While some may find it distracting, setting your home office next to your windows is conducive to your productivity. Aside from the fact that it will keep your mind clear of all the stress after finishing a certain project, it can also give you more creativity and inspiration, given that you are in a striking view of the outdoors. Yes, the heat may become intolerable during the summer, but you can solve that issue by using elegant curtains to regulate all the sunlight coming from the outside.

2) Maximizing the Use of Colors

One way of making your home office more conducive to productivity and creativity is by applying different colors within its space. Also known as maximalist in the world of art, it is the method that counters minimalism, meaning that you will not hold back when it comes to using different types of paints, designs and styles to bring out an explosion of colors within your workspace. Even your office furniture is not exempted from this, so you can pick a bright color for them as well.

3) Buying Custom Luxury Office Furniture for Your Space

One of the best ways to transform your living space into a luxury home office is to choose a beautifully designed desk, comfortable chair and add a wall system. A wall system is a great addition for displaying books, photos and accessories. A properly furnished office space will create a professional, productive and comfortable environment to work within.


These were just a few ways to make your home office design more comfortable and stylish. When choosing customizable luxury office furniture and setting up your workstation next to a large window, will ensure you are delivering outstanding results, and this can only be achieved when you have a great office space to work in, even when you are working from home.

If you are looking for a high-quality home office desk or wall systems that will make your office space stand out, check out our selections at Poliform Vancouver. We offer a collection of furniture pieces that will bring contemporary Italian designs to your home.

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