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Poliform Vancouver > Interior Design: How to Design Carpets the Right Way

Interior Design: How to Design Carpets the Right Way

Interior Design: How to Design Carpets the Right Way

Having your own home is a luxury because you can do as you please with its decor and design. Investing in decorations is necessary because it gives your home a personality. You can have many choices when it comes to decorating your home, such as using carpets.

A carpet is a fundamental part of the home decoration repertoire; it just so happens that people would rather not use them because it can collect a lot of dust and dirt easily. Regardless of its maintenance needs, a carpet is a good decoration for any home—it is only a matter of how you will use them.

In this article, we will go into detail about how you can use carpets as decoration for your home. Read on below to learn more.

Choosing the Right Carpet

Choosing the right carpet to be used as decoration is not a choice that is easily made. Buying any carpet is easy, but the hard part is finding the right look. After all, most successful home interior designs must follow consistency and continuity with several furnishing elements.

When choosing a carpet, you can pick one through the following categories: color, pattern, and style. To make better choices, you must consider them in the following ways:

Curating Colour Combinations

Different shades of colors create various moods. Some of the most well-known ones are happiness for red, coolness for blue, and so on. To get the best possible results when choosing a carpet based on its color, consider doing the following:

● Mix different tones of one color
● Use colors from complementary sides of the color wheel
● Use colors that are nearby each other on the color wheel

Choosing the Right Carpet Pattern

Different carpet patterns influence how a room will look.

In general, carpets with patterns hide wear and tear, which can be very handy in the interior of a home. The carpet’s pattern itself can also suggest different areas in a home. For example, area rugs can indicate the borders of a dining area or living room.

Carpets with large patterns tend to give a room a smaller appearance, on the other hand, striped patterns stretch the dimension of the room where it is placed by drawing the eye in the directions of the stripes.

Understanding Texture’s Value

The texture of a carpet is important because it can affect the room’s temperature where it is placed. An example would be a stippled cut-pile or chunky wool sisal carpet. If it has rustic tweed upholstery and a colour that matches your wall, it can warm a naturally cold room.

Additionally, carpets with rougher textures can absorb more light than smooth surfaces. This is also why texture is crucial—because nothing else in a room can capture light and heat apart from carpets.


Designing your home with carpets is no easy task since there are too many things to consider. The good news is that you can easily narrow down your options more quickly if you note the guidelines detailed above. Hopefully, you get to make the right choice and get the best carpet for your home.

Adding a carpet to your home elevates your interior design to the next level. Poliform Vancouver has various carpets made with quality that will fit any home, giving it a stylish and elegant touch. Simply go to our website and take your pick today!

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