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Poliform Vancouver > Italian Interior Design: Creating the Perfect Luxury Bedroom

Italian Interior Design: Creating the Perfect Luxury Bedroom

Italian Interior Design: Creating the Perfect Luxury Bedroom

Italian interior design is a trendsetting design category known for blending modern elegance with traditional luxury. It is the perfect direction to go for when you are decorating your living room, lounge, office, or bedroom.

For Italian interior design, it takes more than buying the right furniture to give you the sophisticated and stylish feel it has to offer. You also need to know about colors, textures, patterns, and even how to arrange your furniture.

This article will give you all the best tips Italian design has to offer so that you can achieve the perfect luxurious bedroom of your dreams.

Here is everything you need to know:

Go for Muted Tones

The defining feature of Italian design is the classic, muted colors found in the furniture and design pieces. They are easier to layer and provide a contemporary base that can support more luxurious design items.

Aside from that, they also give off a comfortable and relaxing vibe to the bedroom. The colors should be solid and contain warm tones like ivory, white, brown, or beige.

Position Your Bed in the Middle of the Room

When it comes to furniture arrangements, the fundamental rule for any luxurious bedroom design is to put your bed in the middle of the room. After all, your bed is the defining feature of your space, so you need to place it in a position you can easily see and access.

Regarding the size of your bed, you could choose a king or queen-size bed. However, it will depend on the available space because you have to ensure it is large enough to fill up the room sufficiently but not too much to make everything feel too cluttered.

Utilize Complementary Textures and Designs

You should bring in design pieces with different textures, patterns, and shapes. Make sure these pieces complement each other, and their color palette fits the rest of the room. You can incorporate it through your pillows and sheets or play around with the finish of the surface.

Do not be afraid to mix textures and other aesthetic elements. You can also add in a feature component like finely woven rugs. It is essential to pick out only the finest quality of the material.

Select Unique Decorative Pieces

Aside from mixing textures and patterns, you should also select unique decorative pieces that give more life to your bedroom. They can be anything from ornate lamps to mirrors and paintings.

Chandeliers with crystal pendants or statement chandeliers with a contemporary design are suitable options.


Italian interior design is all about bringing together traditional luxury and contemporary elegance. Finding the right balance between the design elements is important to pull off a carefully designed luxury bedroom. When in doubt, high-quality Italian furniture is the best option for this design.

Poliform Vancouver is the brand for luxurious, high-end Italian furniture. If you are looking to bring the luxury of Italian interior design into your home, Poliform furniture is your best choice. Contact us today for assistance.

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