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Poliform Vancouver > Jazz Up Your Bedroom with Exciting Design Tips

Jazz Up Your Bedroom with Exciting Design Tips

Jazz Up Your Bedroom with Exciting Design Tips

A bedroom is a room of personal refuge. It should be a comfortable and calming space that allows a person to relax and unwind from the stress of daily life. It should be furnished with pieces that reflect the owner’s personality and style while providing a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Finishing touches such as lavish details, beautiful furniture, and pleasant colours can all contribute to the feeling of elegance.

Jazz up your bedroom with these five exciting design tips before dropping by furniture stores for those pieces:


Begin with the Bed

The bed is the focal point of most bedrooms because it is the largest and most important piece of furniture. Consider stylish ones like an upholstered sleigh, canopy, or wrought iron bed to establish the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the room.

Canopy and sleigh beds are a great way to bring grandeur and elegance to your bedroom. Upholstered bed frames, tufted headboards, and wrought iron beds with delicate swirls are all great options to give your bedroom a modern, rustic or French flair.


Create a Calming Colour Palette

Choose light colours like blue or gray to create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. Pastel hues can also be used to make a small bedroom look larger.

Choose rich colours like black, teal, or navy blue when decorating a hotel-like bedroom. Be careful with dark shades, so the room does not appear too closed. Dark walls should be contrasted against a light-coloured bed frame or floor. Large master bedrooms can benefit from using dimmer hues.


Create Depth through Details

Adding crown moulding or a ceiling medallion to your bedroom ceiling will give it a more elegant and sophisticated look without needing new furniture.

You can add wainscoting or beadboard to your walls for a luxurious feel. Wainscoting is more affordable, but beadboard can be used as an accent wall to highlight decor.

Hang sculptural art on the wall for a bold and unique accent without adding additional colour to your palette. Choose from ceramic, metal, wood, or macrame pieces for a subtle art piece.

Remember to Drape

Drapes can add drama, elegance, and style to any bedroom. They come in various shades, fabrics, patterns, lengths, widths, and styles and can be floor-length or regular height. Pinch-pleated drapes are especially dramatic.

Adding curtains to your windows or balcony is essential to creating a luxurious atmosphere. Choose from various materials the next time you visit furniture stores, such as silk, velvet, or sheer fabric, to add a touch of elegance. 

  • Sheer curtains are especially popular since they let in plenty of natural light, creating a soft and airy feel.
  • Curtains made of silk, velvet, or sheer are a must-have for rooms with large windows or balconies to create a delicate, airy atmosphere.



Soft and inviting textures like velvet and faux fur should be used in a bedroom to create an elegant feel. Cotton is a more rustic option.

Use different textures, patterns, and hues of pillow shams, pillows, and a bed throw to decorate your bed. Add a shaggy area rug under the bed to add depth to the room.


To Conclude

Creating a luxurious bedroom does not have to be expensive. These tips will help you create a beautiful and chic room without breaking the bank. Remember, sometimes less is more. Choose a few carefully chosen items to help pull the entire room together and avoid cramming it with too many ornaments or furniture.


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