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Poliform Vancouver > Our Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

Our Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

Our Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

Our Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

Finding a coffee table that matches your sofa set or your living room chairs seems like a no-brainer. It only involves walking into a store that carries the style you like, picking a piece, and having it delivered or bringing it home. However, there is more to the process than you think.

For one, you need to find a table that is the right size—the scale and proportion of the piece need to work with your space and the rest of your furniture. Also, the material should fit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. A home with kids will have slightly different furniture needs than one that belongs to an avid art collector. As such, you need to keep these five guidelines in mind before committing to a coffee table at the store.

Get a table that’s the right height

Don’t disappoint yourself by deciding on a table without knowing the height you need for your space. Having a table that’s too high or too low for your space will only make your room look awkward. As a rule of thumb, get a table with the same height or up to two inches lower than your sofa or armchair cushions.

Look at the proportions of the pieces

Similarly, find a table that is the right length and width. It’s not enough to approximate the dimensions and look for ‘small coffee tables.’ Get a piece that is about two-thirds of your sofa’s length. For a 70-inch sofa, you should look for a table about 20 to 23 inches long.

Leave room for moving around

Once you have the dimensions, it’s time to decide on the shape of your table. Typically, this boils down to the clearance you need around the table. Choosing between square, rectangle oval, or round tables depends on the space you’d get around the edges.

Ideally, your table should be about 12 to 18 inches away from the sofa. If it’s any further or closer, it will be too awkward. Also, there should be about 24 to 30 inches between your table and the fireplace or TV stand. This length leaves enough room for people to pass through. Find your ideal coffee table width by measuring the length between the sofa set and your room’s focal point. Then, deducting 42 inches from the number.

Find a style that works for your room

Mind the “weightiness” of your furniture. Your table should complement the other pieces and not overpower them. If you have vintage chairs without visible legs, for instance, you might want to have a rustic coffee table with high, skinny legs. Meanwhile, if your sofa set has clean lines, choose a modern coffee table with short, chunky legs. Having a “leggy” room makes it look cluttered and off-balance.

Prioritize your family’s needs

When choosing the best coffee table for your family, consider your lifestyle. Don’t get something stylish but impractical. If you have people over for board games, choose a table with storage. Meanwhile, if you have children or love putting your feet up while watching TV, a glass coffee table might not be the best option—perhaps a soft, round coffee table like a plush ottoman would be a better fit.

Upgrade your living room with Poliform

A coffee table completes the look of a living room or a lounge. When shopping for one, though, you must think of how it fits in with your other furniture. Consider your family’s needs and whether your new purchase would help or hinder you from using your room correctly.

Find the perfect coffee table for your home when you shop at Poliform. Our collections have everything from modern coffee tables to sideboard cabinets and more. Browse our catalogue today, visit our Vancouver showroom, or contact us for more information.


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