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Poliform Vancouver > Poufs 101: What Are They and How to Fit Them Into Your Space

Poufs 101: What Are They and How to Fit Them Into Your Space

Poufs 101: What Are They and How to Fit Them Into Your Space

Designing the interiors of your space can be a bit challenging with all the different types of furniture available in the market today. However, knowing which element works in your room can instantly change and enhance the visual appeal and vibe of the room.

One of the most popular pieces of furniture today is a pouf. For many, this piece of furniture can be a bit odd and difficult to place in a room. This is because its design is quite unique, serving as an interesting accent in the room while providing function as well.

To elevate the interior design of your room, it is always a good idea to invest in high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. Fortunately, Poliform Vancouver offers elegant and sophisticated poufs that will bring luxury to any space.

What is a Pouf?

A pouf is a large cushion placed on the ground alongside other pieces of furniture in the room. This versatile piece is a great addition to a space, as it can be used as a chair or even a side table.

Because of its unique and flexible design, more designers incorporate this furniture in different spaces as it elevates the room’s visual appearance without compromising practicality and function.

However, because of its look, it is understandable that many compare the piece to ottomans. And while their uses can be overlapped, such as a chair, some people use ottomans as a coffee table, while poufs are too small to function as such.

How Can I Incorporate a Pouf Into a Room?

Tip #1: Pair Them With Any Furniture

As mentioned earlier, poufs are incredibly versatile pieces. This means that they can match with other pieces in the room, serving as an intentional piece that ties a room together. Because they are soft and solid at the same time, they can function in so many ways, such as a chair, additional tabletop, or footrest, depending on what room it is placed in.

Tip #2: Fit Them Into Different Angles

Another reason poufs are one of the best pieces to place in a room is that they come in different shapes and sizes, meaning they could practically fit into any room.

Tip #3: Blend It In or Let It Stand Out

Because poufs are so versatile, they can easily blend in or stand out in a room. Because of this, make sure the material you choose for your pouf compliments the existing materials you have in your space to give you a seamless and sophisticated look.

For example, if your space has dark wood and gold elements you could choose an emerald pouf with velvet material. Which will add luxury, color, and elegance to your room.

Thankfully, Poliform Vancouver has different sizes and shapes of poufs that will work well in any space — so it would not be a surprise if you find a pouf or two for your rooms.

Tip #4: Take Note of Visual Balance

Furniture placement is key when designing a room. So when it comes to adding a pouf into your space, make sure that it provides visual balance to your space and defines a specific area to put a spotlight on its design and functionality.

The Bottom Line: A Pouf Will Tie Your Room Together

Because it is so versatile, poufs can be incorporated in any room — whether your bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, or even your nursery — they will have a role in your space. Of course, it is best to buy a pouf from high-quality brands like Poliform Vancouver to ensure that your pieces provide visual elegance and timeless functionality for your space.

How Can We Help You?

It is important to elevate the visual appeal and functionality of any space, but of course, you need to do that with style and luxurious pieces.

Poliform Vancouver is an ultra-luxury, high-end Italian furniture brand that can breathe life into your space and transform your area into a contemporary, functional, and luxurious living space.

If you want function and luxury for your space, reach out to us today!

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