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Poliform Vancouver > Smart Home Ideas: 6 Genius Ways to Style Your Sideboards

Smart Home Ideas: 6 Genius Ways to Style Your Sideboards

Smart Home Ideas: 6 Genius Ways to Style Your Sideboards

Sideboards are perfect storage spaces that are not just practical but offer display opportunities  for any part of your home. These pieces come in various sizes and styles.  But with its large surface area and common use, how will you be able to style your sideboards so they can complement your home?

Here are six genius ways on how you can style your sideboards to maximize their storage  functionality and use their design to improve your home.

Make Your Sideboards Practical

Sometimes, you may be tempted to use your sideboard only for displaying your prized  glassware, tea sets and china. But it can be a smart choice if you use your sideboards for your  regular kitchenware so that your family and friends can use them daily. You can also place them  at the end of your dining table so you can use them to hold glasses and plates.

In this way, you are combining style and functionality. You can also add a gallery of pictures just  above your sideboard, so you add more designs that complement the style of your piece.

Create the Right Balance and Symmetry

You can achieve balance and symmetry when you use a clean-lined white sideboard by adding identical lamps,  display items and even a gallery of artworks just above the sideboard. You can also put  decorative displays below with matching colors and arrangements.

Whatever you put on and around your sideboard it should create a balance of all the elements  that will also complement the original design of your piece. With this in mind, check whether the  design on either side is equal in visual weight, if there are various shapes and heights and if the  colors you have used complement each other.

Use Mirrors Above Your Sideboard

Add mirrors above your sideboard if it is facing your windows or your door. This is perfect,  especially if you have a garden or greenery view outside. In that way, the mirror will reflect your  garden or your foliage outside, making it part of your interior design.

Incorporate Artworks

Sideboards are not just for displaying regular objects, books, lamps or even household plants. It  can also serve as a platform where you can display your personal artworks or whatever forms of  art you want to feature.

If your sideboard has open shelves, then you can put attractive and decorative items inside to  create a beautiful display.

Use Flowers

Sideboards can hold various sizes and shapes of vases so you can use and display  flowers of different colors, varieties, shapes and sizes. It’s like having a garden inside your  home.


When it comes to sideboards, you need to use your creativity and imagination to create  beautiful compositions. Poliform Vancouver is an ultra-luxury, high-end Italian furniture brand distributed in over 76  countries. We offer a selection of contemporary and modern sideboards, as well as sofas,  coffee tables and armchairs. Browse through our products now!

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