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The Ways You Can Creatively Style a Round Coffee Table

The Ways You Can Creatively Style a Round Coffee Table

When your living room is all straight lines, a circular coffee table is a perfect complement to add interest and make your area more lively.

Round coffee tables are fashionable and lovely, and they provide a touch of softness to an otherwise classic design. It adds warmth to your space and creates an inviting atmosphere for family and friends to congregate and unwind.

In this article, we will run you through how you can style a round coffee table in your living room.

Simple Styling

The key to styling a beautiful circular coffee table is to choose a simple, modest style. You should bring in pieces that show your individuality without being overbearing in your presentation.

Some circular coffee tables offer additional storage space beneath the table, which may be used to showcase other goods. The same notion of keeping things clean and basic applies here as well.

Remember that coffee tables are primarily meant to round off an area rather than store items. Here, you may put a nice tray or some more piled books.

Look into a Focal Point

The primary item that draws the eye immediately away should be your focus point. It is something that sticks out from the rest of the components in the group and dominates the design.

A vase or a candle, for example, usually stands significantly taller than the rest of the goods. The remaining elements will serve as a complement to the main focal point. To light up the living area, you might also utilize a lamp.

Consider a Triangle Grouping Design

The triangle grouping design is ideal for round tables as it offers a sense of balance. Choose two extra things to employ as complements in your grouping now that you have settled on a focal point. Once you have put it together, you can change it around, but start with three pieces that go well together.

In the center of your round table, arrange these three pieces in a loose triangular shape. The heights of the other two things in the triangle design vary, but they are usually smaller or shorter than the main point.

Think of Layers

Use layers to help you style around the focal point. The next element should be substantial but not as significant as the focus point. It should also be in direct opposition to the main point.

If you use a huge glass vase as your main point, add a piece of wood or metal to contrast with the glass. It creates a nice contrast, evens up the glass, and adds warmth to the design.

The final element of your triangle design should be lower than the main point and the second design piece.

Contrast Shapes and Textures

Does your round coffee table look out of place next to your sofa set? Mix opposing forms and textures to maintain the design aesthetically pleasant and balanced.

Because of the opposing forms, if you use a round vase as a focal point, the square lines of a decorative box or stack of books help balance the display. You can also mix straight lines with rounded objects and wood with glass.


Coffee tables are ideal for living rooms. They are elegant and stylish, and they can help make a living room look and feel cohesive.

When you follow these tips, you can be assured that your round coffee table will look great in your space. You can add a lot of variety to your coffee table without making it look cluttered or messy.

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