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Things You Need To Know About Wardrobe Finishes

Things You Need To Know About Wardrobe Finishes

Every element matters while curating a space. From choosing the right furniture to ensuring every texture and material. So, designing your room with every detail in mind is a must.

Consider the finish you would like for your wardrobe design. When it comes to bedroom closet ideas, it’s best to look for finishes that will merge seamlessly with your style.

So, if you’re looking for your wardrobe’s finish but uncertain about what to choose keep reading. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the different types of finishes you could go for!

  • Veneer: If you love the natural look but with a bit of an upgrade, then a veneer finish is  perfect for you. A veneer is a thin layer of natural wood or engineered wood applied over  an existing MDF or plywood product. This finish is great because it can be sanded,  stained, painted and even laminated, giving a whole new look to your wardrobe. It can  serve as a great alternative to traditional wood products as well.
  • Laminate: If you have an eye for design but aren’t quite ready to commit to a custom  wardrobe design, then laminate is your best bet. Laminate is an excellent choice for your  wardrobe because it can mimic almost any material. This means that you’ll have a closet  full of options to choose from when you’re looking to freshen things up or when you’re  looking to increase the value of your home. 
  • Lacquer: Lacquer comes in a range of finishes making it an ideal choice for anyone who  wants a professional finish for their wardrobe. Lacquer is a liquid applied to an object in  multiple coats and allowed to dry. Each coat is allowed to dry before a new coat is  applied. This finish provides an ultra-smooth surface perfect for the paint. You can choose from many lacquer colors to customize your wardrobe to make it your own. In addition to the above, it’s essential to consider the quality of wardrobe design you’re after, as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. With this in mind, you’ll be able to find the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.
  • Mirror: Mirror is another popular option for your bedroom closet ideas. If your bedroom is on the smaller side then adding mirrored doors to your wardrobe door can be a great way to open up the space and make the room feel larger. Not only that, it’s a much easier way to check out your outfits, too!
  • Glass: If you love the look of glass but don’t want to commit to a mirror, glass is the next-best option. Glass doors come in matt and glossy color options. It’s also a great way to expose a bit of personality to your wardrobe.

The Bottom Line: Choose a Finish that Will Bring Every Element in Your Room in Perfect


The finish of your wardrobe is just as important as the interior of your wardrobe. You can take the design to the next level with the right wardrobe door finish choices.

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