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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Counter or Bar Stool

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Counter or Bar Stool

Looking for furniture for your home may be one of the most invigorating tasks you will need to do as you decorate your new home. However, sometimes, trying to find the perfect piece of furniture can be difficult. With all the designs, colours, and styles available, it can be a hard decision to settle on the right furniture.

How to Choose the Perfect Counter or Bar Stool

If you have recently installed a bar counter or nook in your kitchen, the whole reason you may have reached this article is that you are looking for a set of stools to go with it. Which type of stool should you choose? Here is a guide to help you make your decision.

Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools

The main difference between bar stools and counter stools is in their height. A bar stool stands at 28 to 32 inches while a counter tool is shorter. Its height generally ranges from 24 to 27 inches.

Choosing a Bar or Counter Stool

The first consideration you need to have when choosing which kind of stool to buy would be the height of your counter or bar. If the height ranges from 40 to 42 inches, a bar stool will be the better choice. However, for lower counters with a height of 36 to 38 inches, a counter stool will work more effectively.

Why Are Bar Stools So High?

When people are at a bar, they tend to stand as they order their drinks. Bars at home mimic this height and style. Bar stools are so high because they need to be at a similar height to those who are standing beside them.

Choosing the Right Stool

There are a few considerations that come into play when you choose a good stool. Here is a guide that can help you make the right choice.


The style of the stool you choose should coincide with the overall theme of the room you are going to place it. Will people be using the stool during meals? Or will the stool be more of an aesthetic piece that will add to the decor of the room? Consider the material and fabric that the stool is made of and add the element of how often you will need to clean the stool to the list of pertinent questions to ask yourself.


The colour of the stool should complement the rest of the furniture, fixtures, and other design elements of the room it will be placed in. No matter how beautiful the stool looks on its own, you should always consider how it will look when it will be sitting in your kitchen. Do not choose a colour that will clash with the rest of your design.


Whether or not to get stools with backrests should depend on who will be using the stools. Pattern your decision after their comfort. If children are the primary users of the stools, it may be a better choice to get stools with backrests.

Get Creative Input!

Before making the final decision as to which type of stool to buy, it is a good idea to get input from the other people in your home. Let them come along with you when you choose your bar or counter stools, and let them help you make the decision.

It is possible to get the modern, contemporary home of your dreams! The key to getting the luxurious style you see in lifestyle magazines is to choose quality pieces. Your family will know quality when they see it.

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