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Poliform Vancouver > Top Contemporary Sofas To Elevate Your Home This 2021

Top Contemporary Sofas To Elevate Your Home This 2021

Top Contemporary Sofas To Elevate Your Home This 2021

The desire to revamp the living area is something that continually occurs in almost any household. Every homeowner can start getting used to their living space, and they will likely start seeking something new. The living room is no exception to that and is often one of the first places one may easily tire of.

The living room is considered the common area after all, but the design and décor should be anything but that. One fundamental part that you can change in the living room to alter the space entirely is the sofa. Albeit considered as furniture with practical use, the quality and appearance of the sofa model you choose will dictate how the living room looks.

If you are looking for suggestions on what to get in 2021, here is a rundown of our favorites. All these are Italian-made and designed, boasting quite a modern collection in terms of color and fabric used.

1) Bellport

Bellport is one of many designs on this list created by Jean-Marie Masoud. The elite designer had aimed for this sofa style to be quite modular. It comes in different shapes to help you customize where to put each piece and complete the living room area.

Setting this couch by the window where the sun can peek through will ensure you a sight of all the little details that each component bears. The light rays will seem as if they are bouncing off of the leather cover and reflecting life, which is nothing short of inviting to lounge on.

2) Dune

Dune was created by Carlo Colombo in 2018, but having it remains relevant in  2021 is a true testament to how revered it is. The Dune sofa is a cross between modular and fixed sofa systems, letting homeowners reimagine their living room.

Homeowners can choose between an L-shaped arrangement or a fixed sofa. Either way, the quality is spectacular all the same, with great padding and a  comfortable cover. The sofa itself is uncomplicated and minimalistic in its intent and design.

3) West Side

West Side is another one by Jean- Marie Masoud, which completely conveys the true idea of contemporary. Created in 2020, homeowners get a selection of some of the most high-quality modules that let you fashion your sofa around your current living space instead of adjusting for it.

Having the freedom for composition can give you seemingly endless possibilities. Even as you have components now and feel satisfied with the design, there is always the option of readjusting everything once again. You can renew the living room over and over again.

4) Shanghai

Shanghai is similar to the West Side as there’s also a certain freedom to its sofa system which is a modular and fixed sofa system. Carlo Colombo’s design makes use of an aluminum base that the entire sofa rests on and the structure is made of flexible molded polyurethane foam.

5) Sydney

Sydney leans more towards elegance and modernity, offering a sleek design thanks to the metal feet that stand out. The sofa itself can also be pleasant in appearance, creating a  striking impression for guests eyeing a spot to sit on.


Italian furniture design is almost unparalleled when it comes to providing that luxurious experience in your own home. Getting any of the sofas on the list will certainly elevate the ambiance in your living space.

Looking to purchase a new sofa set? Poliform Vancouver is an ultra-luxury high-end brand that features Italian furniture and designs that will scale up your home. Order yours today.

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