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Poliform Vancouver > Understanding Interior Design: Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Understanding Interior Design: Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Understanding Interior Design: Modern and Contemporary Furniture

The words “modern” and “contemporary” have been around for years when people talk about interior design and home styling. Some people even use those words interchangeably without knowing that there is a distinction between the two styles!

We, at Poliform Vancouver, have compiled a brief comparison of both styles to see how much they differ from each other. Let us delve deeper into the topic and explore some of those points to help you in understanding these concepts of design.

What Is Modern Design?

Modern design refers to the popular style of the early- to the mid-20th century. In fact, it is an amalgamation of two popular mid-century styles—industrial chic and mid-century modern styles. The result is what most people call modern design, a result of blending the stylistic characteristics of the industrial revolution and the 1950s.

You will find that modern design mainly uses sleek surfaces and simple furnishings. When you talk about modern spaces, there is usually an emphasis on form and function over embellishment and excess! 

Modern furniture focuses heavily on bringing elements of the outdoors inside the home. Natural elements like wood, leather, linen, and polished metal are commonly used on modern chairs and sofa sets, thus creating an air of warmth and personality. Expect more neutral colors and crisp lines when looking at modern furniture designs.

These also utilize geometric patterns and colorful accents reminiscent of 1960s-era futurism to add a “retro touch” to a modern-inspired room. 

What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is all about the here and now. Unlike modern design, which is immutable and unchanging, contemporary design is constantly changing. Because of that very nature,  contemporary style can be quite eclectic and tends to borrow features from different styles,  which results in the creation of new approaches and furniture pieces! To put it simply, anything that is currently trending in the world of interior design can be considered contemporary.

A recurring concept in the contemporary style is, creating a sense of harmony with the natural environment surrounding each room. This is achieved by using sustainable materials for every piece. Wood, stone, and cork are commonly used in contemporary furniture. The ever-changing style revolves around the strategic integration of dramatic details and unique shapes. Most designers incorporate big pops of color and bold patterns into their design that leave a lasting impression.

How Are Both Styles Different From Each Other?

While modern design is tied to a specific time period, contemporary design defies that notion by continuously evolving. That very relationship between the two styles contributes to the perceived confusion among other people. Contemporary tends to borrow some aspects of modern design if it serves the current era that is trending.

Even though each style incorporates neutral colors, modern style favors a warmer and more subdued color palette. Contemporary style, on the other hand, is known for starker and more striking hues. Both designs are partial to crisp and clean shapes and lines—But contemporary design may sometimes integrate noticeably curvier furniture to mix things up.

The Best of Both Worlds 

Modern and contemporary interior designs differ dramatically from one another. However, that does not mean they cannot co-exist within the same space. Both styles can actually be employed to create a unique look for your home. By allowing one style to dominate, a sense of balance and contrast can be seen throughout your design instead of two concepts competing for attention. If you want the best of both worlds, then this is a magnificent way to utilize both styles without dismissing one or the other!

Poliform Vancouver is an ultra-luxury provider of high-end Italian furniture. Whether you favor modern or contemporary styles, our furniture pieces are designed to evoke the sense of style you truly desire. View our catalog and see our collection of high-end furniture.

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