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Poliform Vancouver > Useful Tips in Choosing the Best Luxury Rug for Your Home

Useful Tips in Choosing the Best Luxury Rug for Your Home

Useful Tips in Choosing the Best Luxury Rug for Your Home

Luxury rugs are floor coverings typically made by hand using natural materials. People from the Middle East and Southeast Asia regard them as a necessity for their households. This article will go over helpful tips for you if you are looking to buy luxury rugs to highlight your space.

Choose between Handcrafted and Machine-Made

If you wish to buy luxury rugs, it is always a good idea to go with handcrafted ones because they will last longer and are more flexible to be customized to meet your needs. On the other hand, machine-made luxury rugs tend to be more affordable.

Consider Where to Place the Rug

Prior to purchasing a luxury rug, you should think about where you will place the rug. This will determine what size and shape your will need.

Rugs placed on hardwood or tile should have padding underneath for comfort and to prevent people from slipping on the rug.

Determine the Rug’s Colour and Pattern

Choose the colour and pattern for your luxury rug by looking at your existing furniture and art. The rug needs to bring the flow of the room together and compliments the space. This will be determined by the type of look you want to achieve in your home. According to the experts at Biev, emerald green is a popular choice for luxury rugs because the colour can complement almost any kind of decor.

Examine the Durability

Of course, you must consider how long the rug will last because it is an investment for your home. As mentioned above, handmade carpets are more durable than machine-made ones. This is because they are handcrafted slowly and carefully with high-quality materials.

Furthermore, they are hand-stitched together, resulting in a more consistent pattern throughout the rug.

Pick the Fabric

Before purchasing a luxury rug consider the type of material you prefer, such as wool, silk, cotton, and synthetics are examples of such materials.

Wool is the most popular material for luxury rugs. Silk rugs are also a good choice if you wish to add a touch of shine and softness to your home. The quality and durability of these materials vary, so it is critical to think about what would work best for your lifestyle.


Take note of our tips above before making your purchase to help ensure that you will not be disappointed. Remember, you are investing in a piece that will beautify your home and perfect your interior design.

If you are on the lookout for luxury rugs and furniture in Vancouver, check out Poliform Vancouver. We are an ultra-luxury, high-end Italian furniture brand dedicated to offering you the most exquisite home items. See our catalogue today!

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