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Poliform Vancouver > What Homeowners Should Execute for a Feng Shui Living Room

What Homeowners Should Execute for a Feng Shui Living Room

What Homeowners Should Execute for a Feng Shui Living Room

The home should be a space that fosters happiness and liveliness to provide utmost comfort  and positivity to the house occupants and every visitor that comes in. The living room should be  the main point of such a balance, especially since it is where the family spends time together as  friends are greeted and invited to hang out.  

Following different practices in order to uphold Feng Shui and create a good atmosphere for a  flow of positive chi should certainly be on your to-do list. You may have a couple of guides to  follow already but be sure to refresh your memory about what goals should be executed when  curating your living room. Continue reading to learn more about it.  

1) More Lighting  

Feng Shui living rooms must typically have quite a bit of light since it is associated with having  much more energy. Plus, dim corners do not bode well for the home and its vitality, especially in  this common area. Be sure to seek out adequate lighting and different fixtures that can offer  accent or layered lighting.  

2) Less Clutter  

Tidiness is paramount for every home to follow, but it is even more imperative to achieve such a  level of pristineness in the living room. Too much clutter can often disturb the peace, so be sure  to have the floor and surfaces of the living room cleaned. Allow enough for free movement and  ensure no cause for tripping.  

3) Better Colour  

Vibrant colours on furniture or even just a luxurious and classic white will be a good way to  attract and incorporate a positive flow of chi into the home. Painted walls should have a  cohesive color pallete. Consider stronger hues like red and orange if you want to focus on joy  and power.  

4) Adequate Spacing  

The positive flow of chi has to travel in between the different furniture and accessory pieces of the living room, so be sure to avoid putting too many things close together. Having minimal items can help, but still, be mindful when deciding what to include and where to place it. 

Consider adding a few indoor plants that you can take  care of. Having different plants such as bamboo gives the home good luck, so include this on  the list. Give the pots the water, space and whatever it needs to thrive.  

5) Particular Placement  

Furniture placement is a very important aspect of Feng Shui that every homeowner should carry  out, if not the most significant one out of the bunch. It is ideal to have good quality sofas and  tables all around the living room but focus on creating a proper pathway in between.  

For example, be sure to avoid blocking the doors or windows of this space when possible. It is recommended to position everything in the living room to face these parts of the  home instead so that people in the living area are aware of who is leaving and arriving.  


Being aware of what you should do and accomplish in the home for upholding Feng  Shui should make you all the more successful. Remember to keep these points in your heart as  you work on the living room and move on to the rest of your home.  

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