day systems (3)

From the versatility of the built-in libraries, to the originality of the modular systems, to the beauty of the boiserie: the living area interpreted through the absolute freedom of design. Three different solutions for the environment of the house dedicated to conviviality and relaxation resolved in every detail and designed to contain, to support and to exhibit, organizing them together in very personal configurations. Wall system is a program that designs the library as the functional center of the daily life, an actual archetype of the order that can be expanded into an infinite number of design possibilities. Skip, designed by Studio Kairos, is the wall library system with a free modularity concept of fitted paneling compositions defined by the maximum lightness. Finally Sintesi, design by Carlo Colombo, is a living system that, just as like as each of us, is unlike any other. Thanks to the exceptional variety of its components, it never repeats itself and it creates different compositions to best interpret the individual lifestyle. Its logic is based on the horizontal surfaces: benches, shelves, drawer units that are combined with containers and disaggregated elements, each one with a specific function and fully integrating with the most modern electronic systems, as such as home cinema systems and as the latest generation of audio systems. Elegance is the keyword, still always remaining in harmony with the concepts of practicality, versatility and functionality.