walk-in closets (4)

To contain, to store, to sort and to furnish. The Senzafine and Ubik walk-in closets meet a necessary condition: to join the practical and aesthetic sense to an elevated concept for the sleeping area. Each item, each object has a definite place to be found. With its walk-in closets, Poliform establishes an optimal relationship with space for the maximum possible functionality. With large-scale modularity, they allow customized solutions with the many available elements that allow the realization of a truly customized project. The Senzafine model is dedicated to the order and the care of your wardrobe with a stylish and functional design, offering the possibility to live in a space that meets individual needs in a way that is integrated in the home environment with perfect, practical and aesthetic continuity. Ubik is a wall paneling system that creates a perfect body of containers evolved from functionality: trays, drawers with wood or glass front, pull-out shoe racks, trouser units, shirt units. The sleeping area is enriched with a new element that enhances the wardrobe environment: two different drawer models. The Senzafine drawers are inspired by the furniture storage containers, interpreting them with an essential design and exclusive finishes. The chest of drawers, Tweed, is versatile, insertable in a wide variety of spaces. The top surface becomes a useful space for the most practical solutions and various ideas from decoration and furniture. The use of the wood and of the metal handles makes the furniture a perfect marriage between its functionality and the most detailed Poliform design.