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The Poliform wardrobe claims prominence in the night area.The Senzafine collection is continuously enriched with new aesthetic and functional qualities through dimensional and compositional versatility, through a wide range of finishes and components. Skin by CR&S Poliform is characterized by the craft that went into creating its door and its system that allows it to be integrated into any environment, ensuring maximum capacity. Giuseppe Bavuso-designed Ego, brings lightness and transparency, while Stratus achieves simplicity and elegance through the design of its door. Fitted by Rodolfo Dordoni, aims to offer an advanced aesthetic function in which the wardrobe, with its thin structure, amplifies the brightness of the space. Artik is a wardrobe that has been created to fit its user with the impeccable elegance of its doors and organizational options it allows inside. Designed for any room in your home, Sand is the perfect example of Poliform’s contemporary wardrobe offer: a universal container allowing utmost freedom. Ocean, designed by C&R Poliform, amplifies the purity of the surfaces transforming the light in a given space through the use of glass. Bangkok is an elegant and distinctive creation by Operadesign. With One, Carlo Colombo created a wardrobe that utilizes distinct qualities of aluminum for its user’s benefit: light doors with silent movements, and maximum reliability over time. The beauty of Carlo Colombo’s other two wardrobe designs, Madison and Graffiti, lies in their simplicity. Surf owes its name to the particular craft used on its surface, which interprets the gentle movement of waves. The wardrobes Club and New Entry represent two extremely flexible solutions that can adapt in any environment.